New Short Film: Missing in the Mansion

Jeremiah —  October 29, 2012 — 6 Comments

Missing in the Mansion

In July of this year, Josh and I set out to make a new short film.  We wanted to do something based on a pre-existing property — sort of make a low budget popcorn film with a built in audience.

As you may know by reading this site or seeing our posts on, we LOVE Disneyland.  One of our favorite attractions is The Haunted Mansion.  So we decided to do a short based on that ride.

Four months later, we’re finally done.  We proudly present to you Missing in the Mansion — the world’s FIRST found footage film set entirely in Disneyland.

We’ll be releasing behind the scenes video and pictures soon at

Ricky Brigante over at was a producer on the film and has also been doing a viral marketing campaign in anticipation of the film’s release. You can read all about that here.

Video: Real ghosts revealed(?) in The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland on newly found footage depicting an eerie encounter

We would appreciate your help getting the word out.  Tweet it, Facebook it, etc…

Our team was incredible and we are so grateful for all of our friends who gave of their time and talent to help us bring this crazy project to the world.



6 responses to New Short Film: Missing in the Mansion

  1. Really like the video, but I’m especially fond of the final credit music. Perhaps that could be included in your new Downloads section?

  2. Guys, this was scary. I’ve been on that ride more times than I can remember and you did an amazing job!

  3. Well done, guys. I really loved this. It gave me the willies. I’m sure you’ll be up for some Oscars sometime soon. What’s next for you?

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