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Josh Daws & Jeremiah Daws

Josh Daws & Jeremiah Daws

Josh & Jeremiah Daws
(Writers / Directors / Producers)

We have been making short movies since we were kids growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta. Inspired by a ‘behind the scenes’ Star Wars special, we decided to do a remake of one of our favorite movies, Back to the Future. This led to many other short films shot over the long summer breaks during our childhood.

Our love of films and filmmaking continues to this day. Since we began seriously pursuing a career in filmmaking during college, we have written, directed, and produced dozens of short films, a feature film, and written several feature screenplays.

Jeremiah has a film degree from Georgia State University, and Josh has a computer science degree from Georgia Tech. Our filmmaking influences include Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Frank Capra, and Pixar Animation Studios. We have a passion for telling stories that fuel the imagination and take audiences on fantastic journeys.

Our passion for Disney Theme Parks inspired us to make the viral hit Missing in the Mansion in 2012 set entirely inside Disneyland.  “Missing” and its follow-up Followed from the Mansion continue to entertain viewers on Youtube.

Several years ago, we made the pilgrimage to Los Angeles, California.  While not working on our own projects, Jeremiah works as a Producer and Josh as a Sr. Web Application Developer – both at Disney Interactive.  (Check out Jeremiah’s projects for the mouse.)

Follow our adventures on Twitter:  @joshdaws and @jeremiahdaws